Our Classes

Sept 9th 2017 – May 26th 2018

(Year Long Program)

Now Accepting New Students for 2nd Semester Classes, beginning January 6th 2018! 



All classes are based on age and experience, students will be evaluated on first day of class.

Baby Ballet & Introduction to Ballet & Intermediate to Ballet

Introduces new ballet dancers to basic ballet vocabulary and technique in a structured yet enjoyable setting. In this class students will retain the basic idea of coordination, musicality, rhythm, concentration, and discipline.

Baby Ballet Saturdays 3pm-4pm Age 2

Introduction to Ballet
Saturdays 10am-11am Ages 3-4

Intermediate to Ballet

Saturday 10am-11am Age 5 

Introduction to Modern

The Instructor will introduce basic element movement and dynamics, space and the use of body. Classes will also include axial and loco motor movements that introduce dance vocabulary and concepts, at the appropriate age level. In addition, students will learn the discipline of working in groups, and focus on building their attention span. In result students will get a broad spectrum of dance movements which prepares them to choose their preferred style of dance as they get older.

Introduction to Modern Saturdays 11am-12pm Ages 2-5


Advance Ballet classes are a more in depth class focusing on technique, musicality and concentration. In this class students are introduced to a slighter intensive vocabulary and technique structure. Students learn to become graceful ballerinas while focusing on the importance of balance, hip flexors, lumbar spine, and body alignment.

Ballet I 12pm-1pm Ages 6-7
Ballet II 12pm-1pm Ages 8-9
Ballet IV 2pm-3pm Ages 12 and up


Ballet III 6pm-7pm Ages 10-11


Modern classes are divided into groups depending on age and experience. In this class students are learning how to move through space, as well as focusing on body alignment and core strength building. In addition, students will work with challenging rhythms to build strong musicality, while integrating movements throughout class. The Instructors will also incorporate movements in regards to Modern Pioneers such as, Limon, Cunningham and Graham techniques.

Modern I
1pm-2pm Ages 6-7
Modern II 1pm-2pm Ages 8-9
Modern IV 3pm-4pm Ages 12-and up

Modern III 6pm-7pm Ages 10-11

Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop classes focus on executing movements with accuracy, directing power to different parts of the body, and channeling the attitude of the music. Movements in this class will consist of popping, break dancing, isolation; old school and current hip hop styles. The Instructors help students build confidence while maintaining precise hip hop movements.

Students MUST enroll in Ballet Modern, or Tap to take Hip Hop.

Intro to Hip Hop Wed. 6pm-7pm Ages 3-5

Hip Hop I Sat.11am-12pm Ages 6-8

Hip Hop II Thurs.7pm-8pm Ages 9-12

Hip Hop III Sat. 4pm-5pm Ages 12 and up


Tap is all about rhythm, footwork, and taking dance beyond the visual to the auditory, using your feet as a
percussive “instrument” to create sounds as you dance. Key elements in tap class are timing, rhythm, and musicality, and a variety of music is used, although at times we dance a cappella (with no musical accompaniment) to better hear the sounds we are making with our feet. We incorporate various tap styles into our tap classes, including Broadway tap and Rhythm tap.

Baby Tap
Saturdays 2pm-3pm Ages 2-5
Tap I Thurs.6pm-7pm Ages 6-12 


Jazz class explores traditional, Broadway and contemporary styles in a fun, energetic atmosphere. Classes begin with a warm-up with stresses technique, flexibility, coordination and
strength, followed by progressions across the floor, center work and
combinations. Beginner students learn fundamental jazz steps and basic vocabulary through across the floor exercises and simple combinations. Intermediate classes focus on body placement and proper technique, stretching and development of skills. Advanced classes emphasize quality of movement in addition to perfecting technique, performance skills and varied styles.

Jazz  Wednesday 7pm-8pm Ages 6-12

Students MUST enroll in Ballet, Modern, or Tap, to take Hip Hop.


1 $35 $40
2 $70 $80
3 $105 $120
4 (dance bundle deal) $120 (15% discount applied) $120 (4th costume on us)

* First month payment is due by the beginning of first class.

*Discounts are applied to Tuition only and only one discount can be applied to each amount. The one discount that will give each family the maximum discount shall be applied to that account. DISCOUNTS CANNOT BE COMBINED.

15% SIBLING DISCOUNT (Each sibling must take at least two classes each)
10% -Full Year Paid in Full

Uniform (Must be purchased at The Carroll School of Dance)

Purchase your CSOD Uniform Here!

-Red Leotard


-Pink Leather Ballet Slippers

-Black Tap Shoes

-Black Sneakers

-Black Shorts or Yoga Pants



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